Week 11 Blog Post – Telecommunication

Week 11 Blog Post

We read many interesting articles this week regarding telecommunication, cyber-bullying, and the dark web.  The History of Telecommunication infographic that we read for Tuesday struck me as interesting for many reasons.  One reason being that it gave me some facts that I felt the need to double check.  The first fact checking that I did was regarding Thomas Edison coining the phrase “hello.” I found this hard to believe, and it turns out the infographic was correct.  A man by the name of Allen Koenigsberg decided to seek the origin of the word “hello” as well, and he discovered that the advent of this word did come about through the new technology of the telephone.  The words “halloo” and “hullo” had previously been used but not as a form as a greeting.  “The British ‘hullo,’ which dates from the mid-19th century, is deceptive. It was used not as a greeting but as an expression of surprise, as in ‘Hullo, what have we here?’” (Grimes).  According to the New York Times article, it seems as if the word “hello” derived from Edison using “halloo” in his experiments and that eventually it modified to our common greeting of hello.  It fascinates me to think of all the words that technology and information technology has created over the years.  There are so many words that are integral to our very existence right now, and for me there are words that technology brought about that I always just assumed existed, like “hello”. 

The other article I wish to discuss this week is the article entitled “How the Internet Has Changed Bullying” by Maria Konnikova.  I paid extra special attention to the article because I have children and I want to know every single way in which they could be bullied.  It scares me that being bullied on the internet is stated in this article as being “inescapable”.  It is also alarming how fast something humiliating can be shared.  It seems as if bullying today can be done at such a grander scale and, yet, somehow more anonymous.  I believe we are in some uncharted waters with regards to the affects of cyber-bullying and I think that it is going to be interesting to see what kind of rules are set in place over the next few years. 

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