Silent Film – No Bars!

Silent Film Project

The genre of silent film has always been somewhat of an enigma to me. I knew very little of the technical production requirements and practically nothing of its history. That being said, this project seemed very daunting to me at first. Luckily, both Andrew and Kyle had experience with the filming, the green screen, and iMovie. They truly made this project stress-free. We had the difficulty of dealing with two non-traditional students in this group so scheduling times to meet was difficult but we made it work.

The day we were supposed to meet to film, my little boy was sick so I had to film my parts at a later date. I am not an actor, this much is evident, but this was a fun experience nevertheless. I’ve always said that my dream job would be the person who chooses music for movies. So naturally, this became my job for this assignment. I loved it. I wished I had more time to play with the music because that was super fun.

Silent Films have such a nice feel to them. I specifically like movies (and pictures for that matter) in black and white. My father was a photographer and he used to say that there is nothing better than good lighting techniques in a black and white film. I agree. The combination of black and white film, old-timey music, choppy film, and slapstick acting makes the silent film so appealing. They are a characteristic of a whole era and represent a shift in popular culture towards movies and film entertainment.

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