Blog Post Week 13

My focus for this week’s entry will be the article entitled “Nike’s Kaepernick Ad is What Happens When Capitalism and Activism Collide” by Marc Bain.  This article really resonated with me because over the past few decades I have become more and more concerned with the power given to major corporations.  While I support Colin Kaepernick and what he did, I don’t usually approve of corporations using their power to spread their opinions, be them political or social. 

As the article mentions, corporations have always been powerful forces in our daily lives but their involvement in political issues is fairly new.  I do not see where it could possible beneficial for businesses to announce their allegiances in any platform (religious or political).  Especially in a country so divided as the United States in the twenty-first century.  I’ve never quite understood, for instance, why certain businesses such as Chick -Fil-A or Sweet Frog have gone above and beyond to announce their religious affiliations.  To me, this alienates an entire demographic and possibly turns business away.  I would think it would be to their advantage to keep their mouths shut in an attempt to bring in more revenue.  Again, because we live in a country that is supposed to promote different beliefs and support freedom of speech, this is an interesting conundrum to me.  I just think there is more to gain from remaining silent on certain issues.

What surprised me in the article was the statement that younger generations want to know the loyalties of certain corporations.  They want to know where to spend their money.  This ties into another quote in the article by Alexis Johnson who stated that, “we live in an ecosystem of capitalism.”  This statement fascinated me. If we are being inundated with corporate beliefs, we might as well make them work for us. 

So, maybe in the future, we citizens will be able to guide the narrative a little through deciding where we spend our money.  Of course, this will only work in a nation that is not as divided as ours is at the moment. 

Bain, Marc. “Nike’s Kaepernick ad is what happens when capitalism and activism collide.” Quartz. Sept. 29, 2018. Accessed on April 19, 2019.

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