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My first day of class in the History of the Information age was eye-opening. I’m nervous about where the class is going, but hoping that over the next few weeks I will feel more sure of myself and relaxed. I will take the advice of the previous class and make sure that I am in a group where I feel comfortable and free to express my thoughts without judgement.

While reviewing the assignments and topics from previous classes I have decided that the following subjects interest me:

  1. Researching the significance of an information technology in the life of someone prior to 1950.
  2. Create an info-graphic on early photography. My father was a master photography and an amateur history buff. This topic/assignment is close to my heart.
  3. Making of a documentary (5-10 minutes). Sounds like something I’d like to learn how to do. But a big learning curve for me.
  4. Live tweeting of a past event.
  5. Develop a propaganda campaign and a false dictatorship. Shouldn’t be too hard to imagine these days.

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